Leach Sues James-Hired Swift Boat PR Firm, ESPN

Today Mike Leach filed a lawsuit in Lubbock District Court that accused ESPN and James-hired public relations firm Spaeth Communications of defamation.

Mike Leach ESPN lawsuit

Case introduction:

Mike Leach ESPN Lawsuit

Lawsuit excerpt:

Mike Leach lawsuit

Here is the letter Leach attorney Liggett sent to ESPN:

ESPN James Lawsuit

 Lawsuit excerpt covering Spaeth Communications:

Mike Leach ESPN lawsuit

What Leach wants:

Mike Leach lawsuit

The 12-page lawsuit is very detailed in its documenting of ESPN reports, on-air and on the web. The suit also lists email communications involving Merrie Spaeth, the owner of Spaeth Communications.

Spaeth Communications released Adam James Cellphone Video

As I’ve documented here extensively, Spaeth’s firm was made famous by its “swift boat” campaign to discredit 2004 presedential candidate John Kerry.

It was Spaeth who commissioned the infamous “electrical closet” video that Adam James shot himself after the fact. Spaeth has also confirmed to me that the video was disseminated on the web via anonymous pseudonyms.

In other words, Craig James didn’t want people thinking he was behind the video, which ESPN itself aired in heavy rotation for days.