Leach: Feldman Had ESPN Approval For His Book

Mike Leach appeared Friday morning on WQAM-AM in Miami to discuss his new book, Swing Your Sword, with morning show host Joe Rose.

Stewart Mandel #freebruce Tweets

(SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Stewart Mandel led #freebruce charge on Twitter)

During the interview, Rose asked Leach about the recent decision by ESPN Vice President and Director of News Vince Doria, ESPN THE MAGAZINE Editor-in-Chief & ESPN Books Editorial Director Gary Hoenig, and ESPN.com Editor-in-Chief Pat Stiegman to suspend ESPN college football writer Bruce Feldman for his involvement with the the coach’s book.

Joe Rose: “Mike I wanted to ask you about Bruce Feldman. I see he’s been suspended by ESPN for his affiliation with the book, what’s your thoughts on what’s taken place with Bruce?

Mike Leach: “The bottom line is we don’t have anything in that book that isn’t 100% factual. We don’t have anything in that book that’s not totally backed up by documents and furthermore Bruce had permission ahead of time to do this book from ESPN. The guy that put the car in the ditch for them is Craig James, not Bruce Feldman.

Friday, outrage over Feldman’s suspension continued with #freebruce and “Bruce Feldman” trending topics on Twitter.com.

That followed Bruce Feldman” as the top Twitter trend Thursday night.

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