Leach Blames Mangini For Crabtree “Diva” Rumors

One of the storylines in the leadup to the NFL draft was that Michael Crabtree had an inflated sense of self-worth, which prompted an infinitely stupid quote from a scout that compared the thought of drafting him to eating an animal’s fecal matter. Yes, that actually happened.

Mike Leach Texas Tech
(”You want someone who acts like a baby? Here. Here’s an actual baby.”)

That all came as news to Mike Leach, who had coached Crabtree for the last three seasons at Texas Tech. Leach thinks the rumors came from tradition-hater Eric Mangini at Cleveland - nay, he’s dead certain of it. And based on the fusillade of invective that the Dread Pirate Coach has launched at Mangini, it’s once again clear that the only thing more entertaining than a free-speaking coach is a free-speaking coach who feels like he’s been wronged:

Leach obviously believed that rumors as to Crabtree’s diva-ish behavior orginated in Cleveland with the Browns head coach.

“Michael Crabtree has been more successful as a receiver than that guy has a coach at this point,” Leach said.

BURN. And yes, it’s safe to say that Crabtree, one of the most prolific collegiate receivers of the last decade, has had a better last few years than Mangini, who found himself canned from the Jets. But that’s kind of an unfair comparison - it’s a lot easier for a coach to have a crappy season than a receiver.

But it also speaks to the hivemind philosophy among scouts - once one believes a kid has “character issues,” the idea spreads quickly - to the talking heads, anyway - and becomes a prevailing media theme. You don’t really know whether Crabtree’s high maintenance, do you? Can you point to a single quote of his that would support that idea? Probably not.

Oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Leach, you had another catty remark for Mangini?

As for Mangini? “Let’s see how all those non-divas do up in Cleveland this year,” Leach said.

Oh, that’s good stuff.