Leach All-Nighter Ends With Wall Street ‘Guns Up!’

I’ve been pining for Mike Leach to get more media time lately, and thankfully, his insanity is slowly starting to seep into the main media.

Mike Leach Scores New York All Nighter Ends With Wall Street Guns Up

(Scores all-night followed by bell-ringing: Lubbock or NYC?*)

I listened to him ramble on incoherently through a bad phone connex on Tony Bruno’s radio show here in Los Angeles a couple weeks back, and had to turn it off after his meandering mumblings finally got to me.

Leach tries too hard to be funny, which he really isn’t most of the time. But for however boring he is after five minutes in a media setting, I’d still love to see MTV dial him up for a reality show.

Take for instance former Minnesota Coach Glen Mason’s account to the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE of a Leach visit to New York City a couple-three years back.

“We had dinner at a very nice Manhattan restaurant the night before. Leach showed up in khaki pants, an Under Armour T-shirt and a sports coat.

“We walked around for an hour after dinner and were headed back to the hotel. Leach said he was going to stay out for a while.

The next day, we get to NASDAQ, Leach shows up and he’s in the same clothes. I honestly think he had been out all night. We all were told to say a few words but keep it to no more than 30 seconds.

“Maturi said something, then Myers, then me and then Leach gets the mike. He says, ‘I don’t have much to add, so as we say in Lubbock, ‘GUNS UP!’

“He shouts it, and people on the floor hear ‘guns,’ and they are ducking for cover, and security is running around.

Perhaps Leach’s night resembled a typical game in Lubbock the last couple weeks - Scores all night followed by a bell-ringing?

* Of course, we’re in no way implying that Leach spent any or all of his evening out in NYC at an adult entertainment establishment. Besides, they don’t stock Rudyard Kipling in the Champagne Room.