Layla Kiffin Will, Of Course, Soon Rule The World

She produces children with no visible physical side effects, and as we see in the photo below, even controls the beasts of the forest. I, for one, am ready to welcome my new Layla Kiffin overlord. But the wife of Tennessee Volunteers football coach Lane Kiffin is crafty and wise — she’s not taking over the world all at once.

Layla Kiffin

She’s doing it in stages, and the latest is her appearance on Friday during Lane Kiffin’s Football Clinic For Women on the Knoxville campus. Layla will be a “featured speaker” at the event (I wonder if they’ll introduce her with a fog machine?), which is meant to introduce women to the intricacies of SEC football.

Lane Kiffin will speak, of course; and there will be presentations from coaches Ed Orgeron, Jim Chaney and Monte Kiffin. Plus this:

11:00 a.m. — Video Operations Overview with Joe Harrington

Form an orderly line, ladies.

But the big draw I’m sure will be Layla Kiffin, the former Florida Gator, sorority sister of Erin Andrews and (allegedly) occupant of the blue bikini in the photo below.

Layla Kiffin (top)

She’s also the subject of a recently-invented Facebook group, Our Coaches Wife is Hotter Than Your Coaches Wife, started by Volunteers football aficionado and Fanhouse writer Clay Travis.

Say what you want about Lane Kiffin’s blunders and misdeeds as coach of the Volunteers so far — landing Layla will always be his smartest recruiting move. Her presence softens his image, and should keep naysaying fans and alumni at bay; barring a catastrophe, that is. Such as, say, losing two games.