Lawyer: Clemens Now “Might” Have Been At Party

By now you know about Roger Clemens’ most desperate attempt to besmirch the credibility of Brian McNamee.

Roger Clemens Carson Daly

McNamee claimed in his deposition to federal investigators that Clemens had been at a party thrown by Jose Canseco in 1998. Clemens’ quickly disputed that he had attended the party, and tried to use his denial as a hot poker against the overall veracity of McNamee’s claims against him.

Friday the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reported that Clemens was photographed at the party he denied attending. And today, Clemens’ attorney Rusty Hardin released an admission that Clemens may have indeed attended the party:

We know that baseball announcers broadcasting the games at the time said Roger was not at the party. Jose Canseco has said Roger was not at the party, as has Canseco’s former wife. Roger was playing golf at the time of the party, and has stated that he may have stopped by the Canseco house after playing golf before heading to the ballpark for the game.

After the Clemens’ congressional hearing, we really thought the big fatty was going to avoid getting nailed to the floorboards by the feds. Our observo was based on how badly McNamee’s credibility was damaged during the proceedings.

But now that McNamee appears to be dead-right about something that Clemens’ vehemently disputed for a time, it appears that perjury charges against the now-sweating, heaving Texan are a very real possibility.

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