Arrington Calls Former Coach Gibbs a “Coward”

Post-football life for a ex-NFL player is a time to finally relax. While their careers end at a relatively young age, their bodies, like porn stars, have taken on an extraordinarily amount of mileage in a short period of time, leaving them hobbled with arthritic knees and stiff wrists, also like porn stars. So it’s common for most of them to just kind of take it easy and live out their golden years quietly. Thank God that’s not the case for former Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, who still has plenty left to say.

LaVar Arrington on SI Cover

In a compelling read over at THE WASHINGTON TIMES, we’re taken through what Arrington has been up to in the 2+ years since his career was ended by a combo Achilles tendon explosion/motorcycle wreck. After discussing his latest string of eateries and other entrepreneurial ventures, he opens up about his football life, specifically by talking hilarious trash about Dan Snyder and Joe Gibbs.


Arrington is not so kindly disposed toward Gibbs, who retired in January with a year left on his five-year, $25 million contract with the Redskins.

“I called Joe Gibbs a coward for leaving,” Arrington said. “You came in, you made some money for your NASCAR team. No one else is going to say that. I’m sure more people thought I was a [jerk] for saying that. Joe wouldn’t call me because he knows. There are a lot of people who know the truth about what went down with me and the Redskins.”

He sacks owner Snyder a few paragraphs later:

As for Snyder, Arrington called him after Sean Taylor’s funeral to try to heal their breach and greeted him at a luncheon last week, but to no avail, he believes.

“I think Dan Snyder is scared to death of me,” Arrington said. “He won’t look at me. I tried to shake his hand at that luncheon. He shook my hand and was like, ‘How you doing, LaVar?’ and kept moving. I’m probably the only person that’s ever stood up to him and never backed down.

Two things here: (1) Who wouldn’t be scared of Arrington? Just look at the SI cover! (2) Someone get this man a podcast! He seems like he’d be willing to sit down for an hour or so every week and just ramble on about whatever. You know, really put that sociology major of his to work. You can have this idea for free, young radio engineers.