Latino UCLA Coach’s ‘Taco’ Comment Racist Too?

Diamond83 on Twitter reminded me today of a comment former UCLA Coach Bob Toledo made upon the occasion of UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero’s hiring.

Bob Toledo Taco Comment About Dan Guererro

(Guess that didn’t go over too well after all)


Next for the UCLA athletic department is a month-long effort to secure a smooth transition from the Dalis to the Guerrero era.

Toledo even suggested a way to break the ice.

We’ll make tacos together,” he said, with a laugh.

Was Latino Bob Toledo’s “taco” comment about Dan Guerrero racist too?

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Toledo and Guerrero are both Latino.

Bob Griese made a similar connection to Latinos and tacos on ESPN yesterday, and was reprimanded and forced to publicly apologize. Twice.

Toledo says something similar and everyone has a laugh because he’s Latino. Reminds me of how some (not all) black people say that it’s okay to use the n-word if you’re black, but not if you’re of another race. Obviously the n-word is a long way from referring to Latinos and tacos, but you get my point.

With Toledo a Latino, his comment is socially accceptable, not advisable.

Like Griese, Toledo grew up in a time when ethnic stereotypes were a staple of everyday conservation. Their comments were more reflexive response than pre-meditated insult. Bu as a Latino, Toledo gets a pass.

Not saying that’s fair. Just the way life works.