Latest: Shaquille Leaving On A (Private) Jet Plane

The EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE updates the latest on Shaq’s saunter to the Suns. O’Neal is expected to arrive in Phoenix early Wednesday morning by way of his private jet, and will head straight to his physical.

Shaq China

If Shaq Diesel’s tune-up goes as planned, Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks are off to South Beach to join the Heat.

Even if the deal goes through, O’Neal might not hit the court right away, as he’s been out the past six games with injuries. But as the Tribune points out, “he might have missed the games more out of a lack of interest than any truly debilitating problems.”

When your team’s 9-37 & you’re going through a costly divorce, it’s hard to pay much attention. But if the Big Aristotle is really relocating to the Valley of the Sun, he might want to step up efforts to sell his Star Island abode - no thanks to A-Rod.

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