Late Show Host Adam Sandler Doesnt Discuss Bouncing Boobs Steep Embankments WIth Danica Patrick

SANDLER AVOIDS DANICA’S LACK OF STEEP EMBANKMENTS: Dave Letterman had Adam Sandler guest host last night (apparently Dave was searching for his missing tooth).

David Letterman Missing Teeth Danica Patrick

Letterman-fame-enabled Danica Patrick guested, and the two talked about, what else, driving fast.

Danica Patrick Twinkies

Sandler: “A guy pulled me over at 120 [mph] one time and he yelled at me. He thought I stole it and then he goes, ‘Adam, you can’t do that Adam!’ I was like, ‘I have diarrhea.’”

Adam Sandler

Patrick: “I have heard that works. I think in a bind, maybe that would be something that I’d say.

Sandler: “You’re probably happy I’m here tonight and not David.”

Creepy Letterman With Danica Patrick

Patrick: “I’m a little disoriented, too. It would have been a little awkward. He is my old boss now.

Sadly, the most famous scene involving Sandler in a car did not come up:

Adam Sandler Bouncing Boobs Click

Perhaps Danica didn’t feel qualified to comment on that sort of torque - which results from steep embankments:

Danica Patrick Not A Good High Banked Racer