Lasorda’s F-Bombs At Angels Game Appalled Fans

A good friend of mine, who is a devoted Dodgers fan, sat one row in front of Tommy Lasorda last night at the Angels-Yankees game at Anaheim Stadium. Early this morning he emailed me details of Lasorda’s regrettable behavior while watching the game. Knowing what I know about Lasorda, not even counting the prostitution, porn ignorance and lies, I’m not surprised in the least.

Tommy Lasorda asleep


But the actual personality of the notorious legendary Dodger manager might be news to you, so I’ll post some of my friend’s email about Lasorda last night.

First off, for veracity’s sake, my friend told me that Lasorda sat in Sec. 113, row D, seat #10. He was joined by MLB officials.

Was at Anaheim last night with (son). Lasorda sitting behind us, (son) and I in first row. Kid and parent stand up in first inning and Lasorda screams at them ‘sit the f— down!’ I turn around and give him a stare.

He kept yelling and swearing at people standing up cause he’s too lazy and fat to get up. He yelled four times. Loud. It was disgusting. Lost whatever respect i had for him. All the Angel fans in the front row were pissed.

He fell asleep a few times during the game. Reminded me of a crotchety old man who didn’t realize he was at a sporting event. I think he thought he was at the opera or theatre where patrons dont stand up.

To recap, Lasorda cursed other fans (including kids), who probably paid hundreds for their tickets, multiple times in an attempt to get them to sit down during the most pivotal Angels game of the year. And he slept through part of the game.

Tom Lasorda Making Kid Cry, Falling Asleep At Game

Yep, that’s Tommy I know. And now you do too.