Lasorda Attorney Calls Los Angeles Times Prostitutes For Selling Out Lasorda

LAWYER: LA TIMES THE PROSTITUTE SELLING OUT LASORDA: The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that in a major book release due Thursday titled “Secrets of a Hollywood SuperMadam,” Tommy Lasorda is cited as paying for sex through her service.

Tommy Lasorda Photos

Lasorda denies the allegations, and his attorney Tony Capozzola appeared on Joe McDonnell’s show on KLAC-AM last night with breaking news: Tommy isn’t happy.Lasorda lawyer Tony Capozzola Audio cut #1: “This is nothing more than a desperate, broke, has-been prostitute who’s seen better days and now she’s trashing people’s reputation in order to make a buck.”

Lasorda lawyer Tony Capozzola Audio cut #1: “Speaking of prostitutes and selling out and pandering, it’s sounds like that’s what the (Los Angeles) Times did to be honest with you.”