Las Vegas: “The Phillies Already Won Game Five”

You can go ahead and tell Bug Selig to stop worrying about rescheduling the rest of the World Series game. While you’re at it, tell God he can stop continually pounding Philadelphia with relentless rain. The Series is already over, folks. According to Las Vegas sports books, the Phillies were the victors last night.

Pure Joy

At least, that’s how they’re paying out. According to the Nevada gaming rules, “the final score of an official game is determined by reverting to the last completed inning.” And seeing as the Phillies were up 2-1 after the fifth inning, if you placed a bet on the home team, you’re a happy person this morning. But if you bet on the Rays, you’re probably none too pleased by this betting rule quirk.


“We’re just following the regular baseball rules. This is a very common rule,” Las Vegas Hilton sports book director Jay Kornegay said. “We can’t make exceptions.

“There was no special disclaimer for World Series games, or any playoff games for that matter, that your bet would continue if the game was suspended. It’s one of those unfortunate misunderstood rules of baseball betting.”

Kornegay expects some bettors to be confused about the rules, but he said there should be no controversy.

“There will be some upset people,” he said. “It’s unfortunate because it could be one of the worst bad beats you can get if the Rays come back and beat the Phillies. But it’s not a bad beat yet.”

The rule was probably put in with the best of intentions, to come up with a definite result for those rare regular season games that get delayed and never get made up. And while the World Series is a little different - you sort of have to make these up - try using that logic while reasoning with a rookie gambler who shows up on Thursday to collect his winnings (which will be massive, since he took out a 4th mortgage for it) after the sure-to-be dramatic come-from-behind Rays victory tomorrow night.

The guess here is that most of Vegas have become Phillies fans for the next few days, if only to avoid the headache.