Larry Johnson Rips Coach, Gays In Twitter Tirade

So the Chiefs are reeling at 1-6 after a right-painful, 37-7 thrashing by the Chargers, leaving the Arrowhead faithful scratching their heads and wondering where it all went wrong. But thankfully we have the level-headed presence of Larry Johnson to calm everyone down and prevent wholesale panic.

Oh wait, no. As you can see, Johnson (”ToonIcon” on your Twitter scorecard) was busy on Twitter last night, telling the world that his dad is a great football coach with legitimate credentials, while the Chiefs coach, Todd Haley, attended college on a golf scholarship. One of his tweets: “My father played for the coach on “Remember the Titans.” Our coach played golf. My father played for redskins briefley. Our coach. Nuthn.”

And as if calling out your coach on Twitter wasn’t bad enough, how about some homophobic epithets thrown at Chiefs fans? It was a real party in LJ’s Twitterverse. Yep.

Johnson’s agent immediately sought out ESPN to “explain” his client’s social networking outburst.

“I talked to Larry about it and he was focusing more on pumping up his father than anything else,” agent Peter Schaffer said. “He wasn’t trying to downgrade anyone … yes, everyone is frustrated after a loss like this but I wouldn’t put too much into it.”

We’ll just add in the laugh track later. In Schaffer’s defense, being Larry Johnson’s agent must be a lot like being Dracula’s press secretary. My client is merely misunderstood … that mark on her neck is a hickey! The problem is that Haley wasn’t the only person to feel Johnson’s Twitter rage last night. One Chiefs fan, who is evidently a soccer player named Jared Launius, poked a little fun at Johnson’s attack on Haley, and got this fun response:

Wow. Right to the homophobic slur material; Johnson is melting down in a way I haven’t seen since Michael Richards attempted standup comedy. He ended the night with this love note to his fans:

(Raises hand). But I know someone who can. Suffice it to say that I’d love to be at the team meeting on Tuesday.

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