Larry Coker Rides Sad Coaching Train To S. Texas

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen. Earlier this week it was former Super Bowl coach Jim Fassel taking a job with a professional team in a league that doesn’t exist yet, then former national champion collegiate coach Larry Coker admits interest in a start-up 1-AA program in … San Antonio?

larry coker miami
(Could this man take a I-AA job? Hmmmmm, I think yes!)

That’s right folks, Larry Coker wants a small-time college job at UTSA (the University of Texas at San Antonio) for a team that won’t exist until 2011, according to the SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS. If his goal was to avoid the pressure that dogged him at the end of his tenure at Miami, he might have found the perfect place for it.

But there’s more, not only does Coker want the job, he’s willing to suck up to all of South Texas to get it.

“I knew that I wanted to get back in coaching after I left Miami,” Coker told the Express-News. “But it would have to be the right opportunity at a school with the right leadership. I see that at UTSA. I think it’s a school with great potential. Another plus is that San Antonio is a great city.”

UTSA Athletic Director Lynn Hickey didn’t tell Coker he would get an interview, but it would be an even bigger joke if he didn’t. The other candidates are former NFL assistant coach Bill Bradley (not the ex-NBA Senator), ex-Texas A&M-Kingsville coach Richard Cundiff and Mary Hardin-Baylor head coach Pete Fredenburg. If you’ve heard of any of those guys you probably watch waaaaay too much ESPNU.

As for Coker, don’t mind him. He’ll just be slobbering over South Texas for the next couple weeks.

“I know there’s a very strong interest in college football in the San Antonio area,” he said. “The high school football in San Antonio is sometimes perceived as not being as good as Houston and Dallas, but I think the coaching in San Antonio is really good. San Antonio may be a little under-recruited. There are some very good players there. You also have the whole state of Texas to recruit, and Texas always has outstanding high school players.”