Lane Kiffin Mentioned As Candidate For Arkansas Football Coach Job

KIFFIN LIKELY FIRST CRAPPY COACH TO TURN DOWN HOGS? The ARKANSAS MORNING NEWS reports today that Lane Kiffin apparently is a candidate for the vacant Arkansas football coaching position.

Lane Kiffin

Excerpt: “A source familiar with the situation said Tuesday that Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin could be a good fit for the Razorbacks. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Kiffin has wanted to coach at the college level.“Kiffin’s father Monte was an assistant coach at UA under Lou Holtz in the late ’70s, so there is a vague connection there.

More: “Kiffin, whose job security with the Raiders has been questioned as recently as last week, signed a three-year contract with Oakland in January.

This report sounds like wishful thinking from the Arkansas outlet, which is ironic considering Kiffin’s coaching ability is akin to trash bag leakage. The reax reminds us of a Big 12 school buying into the fraud of an Oakland coach: Nebraska and Bill Callahan.

Coincidentally, if Kiffin was to consider a college job, Nebraska would probably be at the top of the list as his father played and coached there for many years. But we doubt Nebraska will make that mistake again.

That said, we hear Oakland fans are considering holding candlelight vigils - as they wait for white smoke to appear from Razorback or Memorial Stadium.