Lance Armstrong Waffles; Cycling Tour Topples

Lance Armstrong’s valiant return to the two-wheeled beast will not run through the great state of Georgia.  The Tour de Georgia will take a year off, hoping to return when corporate sponsors and state agencies can care again about sports after the Credit Crunch. Race officials couldn’t remotely begin to secure the reported $3.3m required to ride bicycles on Georgia streets.

Matthew Mcconaughey Lance Armstrong

(Maybe the Tour de Georgia didn’t care much for Lance’s new cycling team director)

Of course, you’d have to think Coca-Cola, AT&T, and other past and likely future sponsors would have latched onto a sure thing in this uncertain ad market if… say, Lance had ever officially committed to the event.

Instead, he coyly flirted with the race as a primer for the 2009 Tour de France (assuming he does) until Tour de Georgia officials had to flush the race or get off the pot and pedal, as the saying goes.

On the other hand, at least we all got to talk about Lance Armstrong more and he got a chance to see just what race officials could really offer his foundations and limelight.  Or maybe we’re just being cynical again; after all, we have no proof that Lance is a vain man, obsessed with his self-image.