Lance Armstrong Shrine/House Better Than Yours

In case you had not heard recently about the great and powerful (yet exceedingly humble) Lance Armstrong, let us calm your fears that Lance Armstrong has been called back to the huge velodrome in the sky and leaving the rest of us heathens to face the Rapture. He’s simply been cleaning his house for company.

Lance Armstrong with heavenly light

In this case, the company was ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST and the topic is how wonderful Lance Armstrong is when it comes to magazine circulation numbers interior design. However, Lance Armstrong asks that we don’t remember him as a champion cyclist or interior designer: “…my main job now is cancer advocate.”

(We know what you meant to say, Lance Armstrong, so we won’t mock you for it. You didn’t mean you’re the one out there fighting for cancer when everyone else wants to defeat it. Still, it’s not like you haven’t been practicing that ‘casual’ throw-off line for years. You could polish it up a bit.)

As the AUSTIN STATESMAN’s DESIGN NOTEBOOK blog points out, he also squeezes in a little time to work on his “new Austin bike shop, commuting center, training facility and cafe (named) Mellow Johnny’s”.

Oh, and heavens… don’t ask to see his yellow jerseys which you didn’t exactly ask to see but he’ll tell you where they are anyway:

““You’re not going to walk in here and immediately get hit with championship trophies, because, frankly, I don’t like having my stuff displayed,” admits (Lance) Armstrong, whose trademark jerseys are discreetly tucked away on the walls of an upstairs media room where “very few venture,” he says.”

No, much like the Legend of Lance Armstrong, it looms above you at all times without needing to be seen directly. It’s something like a Livestrong halo. We certainly don’t expect to see any photographs of…

Lance Armstrong's secret lair

We hope the photographer was arrested for trespassing soon after this was taken. Poor Lance Armstrong.

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