Lance Armstrong Dumped By Ashley Olsen Former Wife Seen With Two Different Men

BALLPLAYING IN THE CRADLE DOESN’T PAY FOR ARMSTRONG The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that Lance Armstrong’s cradle-robbing days were all too short, reporting that Ashley Olsen “ended up leaving with the unidentified young man (not Lance Armstrong) with long brown hair” Friday night.

Lance Armstrong Ashley Olson

But while the closet-PED-user Texan will now have to take his ball and go home, his former wife is getting back on the bicycle.The NEW YORK POST reports that Armstrong’s longtime beat piece, Tory Burch, “the hot blond designer, mother to six kids, has been dating not one but two rich guys.

Burch has been seeing both “Paramount Pictures chief Brad Grey and Katie Couric’s ex, TV producer Tom Werner.

Meanwhile, the DALLAS MORNING NEWS speculates that Armstrong may be primed for a run at political office. Apparently the folks in Big D are unaware of just how crowded Armstrong’s closet really is.