Lance Armstrong Does A Pretty Good Brett Favre

It appears the ante has been upped in the Attention-Hounding Semi-Retired Waffling Athletic Idol competition between geezers Lance Armstrong and Brett Favre.

Lance and Brett

(Joe Paterno called..he said it’s time to retire already)

Newly-unretired pedalslinger Armstrong admitted in a Tuesday interview that he is now unsure whether he will compete in next summer’s Tour de France.


“There are still doubts for the Tour. Everyone knows its importance, but the problems that I have with the organizers, journalists and fans could distract me from my mission — focusing the world’s attention on the battle against cancer,” Armstrong said.

This almost certainly is a parry to the thrust of Brett Favre’s latest PR move, calling Tony Romo about his broken finger, and then telling the world about the phone call, reminding us what an iron man he has been over the years.  Favre, who spent the last several NFL offseasons wavering about his retirement status before finally retiring in 2008, then finally finally unretiring and then finally finally finally forcing a trade to the Jets, must now consider his response to the seven-time TdF champion.

Some possible strategies for Favre to increase his media exposure:

  • Reality show, “Favrer of Love
  • Game show, “Are You Havin’ More Fun Than a 5th Grader?
  • Insprirational book, “Chicken Soup For the Gunslinger’s Soul
  • Sitcom, “Madden ’bout You