Report: Lakers Offer Odom To Kings For Artest

The Los Angeles Lakers have offered Lamar Odom to the Sacramento Kings for Ron Artest, according to the SACRAMENTO BEE. If the report is true, the Lakers, who lacked defensive toughness in the NBA finals, apparently believe Artest might solve that problem.

Lamar Odom And Ron Artest Trading Places

Kings GM Geoff Petrie is neither confirming nor denying the rumor, but it’s also believed the Kings would want to dump Kenny Thomas’ contract on the Lakers in the deal:

According to a league source, the Lakers already have contacted the Kings regarding Artest and are believed to be offering forward Lamar Odom. As of Tuesday evening, the Kings had not returned the call. They are expected to insist on forward Kenny Thomas and his $18 million of remaining salary (over two seasons) being included in that potential trade. Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie declined comment on whether the Lakers had called.

Ron Artest loves Kobe Bryant so those two would get along well. The Zen Master has already dealt with “The Worm” so Rodman 2.0 shouldn’t be that big of a challenge. The move doesn’t make the Lakers the champions, but it does make Lamar Odom the scapegoat for a collective beat down from the Boston Celtics.