Lakers Home Opener: Thoughts From Third Row

With the Artest sign and the KhlOdom debacle, I’ve never looked forward to a Lakers season so much.

Kim Kardashian putting makeup on Josh Powell's daughters after Lakers game

(One reason I find the Lakers so delightful. Obligatory Josh Powell wife pic.)

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Last night, thanks to a good friend, I was third row. Which means I was closer to the court than the Kardashians.
Khloe & Kim spent most of the evening inhaling nachos with Ice Road Trucker-like zeal from one of Staples’ end zones, well away from the court and on the opposite end of the Lakers bench. Of course that won’t stop gossips from reporting they were courtside.

Would also like to send out a shoutout to former CNN and ESPN anchor Kevin Frazier, who had the unenviable duty of interviewing Khloe before the game for his entertainment news show - in front of his old sports comrades. Ugh.

David Beckham was there, sporting a beard. No, not Victoria, he really has a beard now. I saw him hanging out with AEG President Tim Leiweke, the man who also ochestrated the whole Jacko comeback thing and god-awful movie based on MJ’s concert rehearsals at Staples.

It was amusing to watch Beckham, supposedly one of the world’s biggest celebs, walk through crowds last night with nary a fan recognizing him. Beard or no beard, would’ve hardly mattered if you’ve ever been to a Lakers game.

Jack was there, wearing what looked like the same XS purple polo he wore to the Angels playoff game with Sandler. Jack left at halftime, along with my interest in the game.

Blake Griffin of course wasn’t in uniform because of his cracked kneecap. Instead he was at the game in a tailored, skin-tight, three-piece suit, walking around so easily that you’d never know he was cursed injured.

As for the game, Baron Davis was the worst I’ve ever seen him. Slimmed down, but completely ineffective - neutralized in large part by the Lakers solid team defense. Artest started slow but looked good eventually. For now, he’s fitting in nicely.

Andrew Bynum exploded in the game for 27 points. It was an impressive display, especially considering he was facing Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby in the paint. But don’t be fooled, that point production won’t last once the injured Pau Gasol comes back.

That said, if Bynum is able to keep up that surprisingly high level of play and stay injury-free, all those contrarian prognosticators can forget about San Antonio in The West.

Of everything, this was the highlight of the night.