Laker Girls’ Fashion Tips Help Vujacic Score Big

Sasha Vujacic had a sensational game Tuesday night, bucketing 20 points to help the Lakers win Game 3 & keep their NBA title hopes alive. And it was all thanks to some fashion tips from the Laker Girls.

Sasha Vujacic Laker Girls

Jerry Crowe of the LOS ANGELES TIMES teases us with news that Lisa Estrada, director of the Lakers’ dance team, had made a mid-season suggestion to Sasha about his hair style that would soon help his hardwood style:

Noticing that Vujacic was forever sweeping his long locks from his face, Estrada says she jokingly scolded him, “Stop fiddling with your hair.”

She suggested he wear a headband — “not like a girl headband, but a headband” — and, at his request, offered several alternatives, among them the black suede hair band the Slovenian has worn the last few months.

Of course, he could always just get a haircut. But then the Laker Girls wouldn’t have any reason to chat him up in the first place.

And it’s quite obvious that the ladies do love Sasha’s long locks:

Sasha Vujacic Lakers cougar

Besides, he might be some kind of Slovenian Samson, acquiring his strength from his mighty mop-top. If that’s the case, beware of grumbling gamblers stalking Staples Center with sharp scissors.