Laker Charade: LA Mayor Gets Twitter Tweetdown

Last year I reported that when Los Angeles Mayor and consumate opportunist Antonio Villaraigosa tried to board the same Lakers championship parade bus as Kobe Bryant, Bryant said at the time, “I don’t like the —hole, I’m not going to let him pimp my popularity!

During the abbreviated Lakers parade yesterday, a single bus was charged with carrying all the players. Thanks to Villaraigosa somehow also being allowed on the same bus, all hell broke loose on Twitter in reaction to L.A.’s stowamayor.

Below are a series of consecutive Tweets posted at the moment the mayor was first seen via local TV coverage on the Lakers bus:

Antonio Villaraigosa gets Twitter beatdown for sneaking on Lakers parade bus

Of all the Tweets about the mayor’s appearance in the parade, there wasn’t a single positive - or neutral - entry. In other words, Kobe has plenty of company.

Though I’m pleased to report that we did get some good news in L.A. today about our stowamayor.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley announced Tuesday that the mayor is now under investigation for receiving thousands of dollars worth of free tickets, including multiple $3,500 Lakers courtside seats, without reporting the gifts in his public ethics filings.

While no one is saying it publicly yet, L.A. media sources tell me that criminal charges against Villaraigosa - for backdating and faking official city duties at the events to justify the tickets - could be in the offing.

Perhaps the only way stowamayor will plague next year’s parade will be thanks to an escape from L.A. County lockup.