Lafayette High Discipline Policy Lacks Discipline

When a key senior is arrested for marijuana and gun possession the weekend before the game that can get your high school basketball team into the state quarterfinals, what do you do? Suspend him? Expel him? Give him a stern lecture?

Lafayette High School pride!

Or do you make sure he’s on the court in the final moments so he can pop home the winning basket as the buzzer sounds? If you’re Lafayette (LA) High, you choose the latter. After all, who’s going to guard the guy with the gun? Savvy.

The TIMES-PICAYUNE certainly didn’t betray the decision in their story about the game. Josh Wiltz, whose car was loaded with all the wrong items for a young man to succeed, apparently attributed his success in hitting the final jumper to “a higher power”, which is an unfortunate turn of phrase for the reporter considering the marijuana charges not mentioned in the article.

The principal of Lafayette High and the head coach planned to let the legal system wind its way to the case’s conclusion (conveniently after the state tournament) and not mention the incident publicly. However, those meanie-butts at THE DAILY ADVERTISER in Lafayette don’t seem to have the same feelings on the matter and reported the arrest and the school reaction.

Principal Patrick Leonard felt the lack of discipline for the game was appropriate since discipline’s purpose is “not to ruin lives”. It’s not clear, though, how missing the game would be more damaging than the gun and drug possession charges. One certainly hopes the losing team can receive the support necessary to prevent their downfall since they missed State.