Laettner’s Not Likeable; No NFL For ‘Sex Offender’

Grant Hill reveals that Christian Laettner is a big jerk. In other news, sky is blue, water is wet, Duke is overrated.

Grant Hill Christian Laettner

• A former U of Minnesota running back can’t leave the state to attend an NFL tryout - just because he’s an “untreated sex offender“.

• There’s nothing like a buzzer-beater to punch your ticket to the Big Dance.

• The Yankees hope to have the healthiest ballpark in the league.

• Delaware seems determined to take a gamble on sports betting.

• ESPN radio station in Philly has softcore pron brackets busted by Bristol.

Venus & Serena getting a new stepmom who’s the same age as them.

Billy Packer hired a psychic to find O.J. Simpson’s murder weapons. And you thought ol’ Billy was out of his mind.

• Some photoshop fun with Lane Kiffin and ex-Bama lineman Andre Smtih.

• A young motorist who Albert Haynesworth ran off the road can’t pay his medical bills nor move without a wheelchair.