Ladies … To Host Live Draft Blog; New Porras Pics

The Ladies… will be on SbB all weekend to live blog the NFL Draft. They’ll be here for eight hours each day beginning Saturday at 2pm ET. See you then!

• Bolivian basketball babe Claudia Porras still proves she’s a model player.

Claudia Porras

• Today’s the day Rick Monday cemented himself as a real American hero for rescuing Old Glory.

Jim Gray is still stalking the press areas - if only he was doing it for an actual sports network.

• Meanwhile, Kelvin Sampson is having no trouble entertaining job offers from the NBA.

• Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen compares Pacman’s trade to Big D with the Cowboys signing Osama bin Laden.

• When is a hockey puck to the groin a good thing? When it uncovers the early stages of treatable testicular cancer.

Elijah Dukes has stumbled on his perfect career - cleaning out zoo cages.

• A 14-year-old Nebraska soccer player may have been struck in the mouth by a stray bullet.

• Middle school baseball players in Tennessee were given the chance to punch up on their diamond skills.

• Some sports fans really get a kick out of the agony of de feet.