Ladies, A Free Final Four Ticket - With One Catch

How much would you pay for a ticket to the Final Four this weekend? $400? $500? How about not paying a thing? THE WORLD OF ISAAC has uncovered a deal for you cheapskates out there: someone on Craiglist is giving away a free ticket to the games at Ford Field this weekend. But, like anything that’s free, there are a few catches.

Hot Michigan State fans

First, you have to be an MSU fan. Fair enough, but specifically, you have to be a “female hottie.” And, oh yeah, the person giving you the free seat would expect you to do a few things as well. Specifically, he would like you to “spoil me for spoiling you.” He doesn’t specify exactly what he means, but I’m guessing it’s more than a foot rub and treating him to a hot fudge sundae at T.G.I. Friday’s after the game.

But ladies, don’t be worried that your knight in shining Spartan armor is actually some creepy loser looking to prey on unsuspecting women over the Internet with the offer of a free basketball ticket. After all, how could someone like this be anything other than a generous and upstanding citizen?:

“I am a good looking, easy going and generous white professional male.”

Because all rich, successful and attractive businessmen have to post pathetic ads on Craigslist to get someone to go to the Final Four with him. Nope, nothing says “serial killer” about this situation at all. Actually, are we sure that Vince from ShamWow isn’t lurking around the Final Four? Ladies, wear your Rip Hamilton face guards just to be safe.

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