L.A.: You’re On My Shoulder, Don’t Ask Me Why

Case you are new to SbB, I live in Los Angeles, right on Venice Beach. With that, you always try to have the camera handy. Here’s some past snaps from the last week.

Venice Beach: Botox and Medical Marijuana!

(”Hey Doc, I’m in pain! From What? The Botox next door. OK, here ya go…”)

Asian Hottie With Dog On Venice Beach

(This thread is useless without pics)

I've lost 22 pounds and kept it off for three years!

(I’ve lost 22 pounds and kept it off for three years!)

Venice Beach Very Happy Hour

(Heard of Happy Hour? This is what I call Very Happy Hour)

Venice Beach Hotties

(Click through for the grills … )

Venice Beach Hotties

(Fugged Up Her Line In “Bodies In Motion Meets The Beach!”)

Venice Beach Kush Clubhouse

(Thought I saw (insert NBA player name here) there yesterday)

Pat O'Brien Sleeping?

(Even huge celebs like Pat O’Brien can fall on hard times)

Venice Beach Hottie Blonde

(Beat off advances from Andy Dick & Pauly Shore moments before this shot)

Who said Shaq doesn't still visit L.A.

(Shaq’s offseason routine a little unorthodox, no?)

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