LA Times’ Plaschke Admits, “I Guess I Like Penis”

Bill Plaschke, best known for penning columns in the LOS ANGELES TIMES and television appearances on ESPN’s AROUND THE HORN, can now claim fame for uttering those immortal words, “I guess I like penis.”

Bill Plaschke

Plaschke and the CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Kevin Pang decided to hit up a restaurant in Beijing that serves nothing but animal penis. Fortunately for all of us, they brought their camera along with them as they chow down on fine Chinese cuisine.

Video of Bill & Kevin’s Excellent Eating Adventure is after the jump.

(A less-pixelated, not-as-easy-to-embed version can be seen here.)

Guys, I think there were better ways of improving international relations with the people of China than eating a penis. Just my thoughts. Those other penis-eating-free methods of diplomacy however, are admittedly not nearly as entertaining.

If only Fear Factor were still around, Plaschke could call it quits thanks to a fat check from Joe Rogan. There are a lot of people who write about sports, but the market for guys who can eat a penis on camera is a dwindling one - just Bill, Kevin & Garry Linnell.