LA Sports Radio Guy Hosts AM & PM Drive Shows

I arrived back in Los Angeles late last week and immediately went back to my old radio ways, flipping around between sports radio KSPN (710am) and KLAC (570am).

ESPN Radio SbB Girls

(Oh how I miss Cora and Melissa and Alex my days at KSPN!)

I’m happy to report that my old buddies Mason & Ireland are back doing a show on 710 (middays), and Petros and Money are now firmly rooted in PM drive on 570.

KLAA Dave Smith Roger Lodge

It’s also good news that L.A. has added another legit sports outlet in KLAA-AM, the eclectically-progammed station owned and operated by the Angels.

Roger Lodge & Dave Smith host mornings on the station and Smith comes back for a solo show in the afternoon.

Lodge is former morning host at the now-defunct USC flagship KMPC-AM and frequent panelist on Jim Rome’s ESPN-TV show “Rome is Burning.” You also remember him as the host of the dating show “Blind Date.”

And that’s right, Smith is doing two shows every weekday. Eight hours on the air! I only wish the pilots who were flying me around the Bahamas last month had that much airtime.

Smith had previously been stuck on the graveyard shift at Sporting News Radio, which broadcasts out of Los Angeles. One problem though, his show wasn’t cleared in SoCal. Now you can’t escape him!

That’s actually a good thing, as Smith is par excellence when it comes to covering the local sports scene - he’s more adept at that then breaking down the Astros bullpen. So 830 is now programmed into my *much-coveted* car radio presets (so long Iranian radio!).

God knows, the sports radio format is never a sure thing. And it seems like every time I grow to enjoy a show, be it L.A. or anywhere, it gets dumped. Hopefully Arte Moreno & Co. are in it for the long haul with KLAA.