LA Mayor Lobbied Dementia-Impaired NFL Owner?

Much to my delight, I discovered that the former Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, apparently has a column for the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE. His latest piece reminds me of the golden age of journalism, when Larry King’s “King’s Things” made USA Today the must-read powerhouse of the printed word that it is today.

Alex Spanos Willie Brown Antonio Villaraigosa

(Villaraigosa lobbied dementia-suffering Spanos about Bolts-to-L.A.?)

The crazy thing is, Brown doesn’t just cover Frisco. He covers all! Excerpt:

Here’s a scoop. The San Diego Chargers are looking to move to Los Angeles.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and his people were at the Chargers playoff game last week, and they were being extremely solicitous of team owner Alex Spanos.

Yeah, you read that right. Alex Spanos. One problem though, Alex Spanos, sadly, recently revealed he has dementia, and has essentially removed himself from public life.

So was Brown wrong in his reportage? If you know Villaraigosa like we know Villaraigoisa in this town, not necessarily.

Villaraigosa, along with the now-cartoonish Arnold Schwarzenegger, are currently the two most universally-mocked politicians in Southern California.

Villaraigosa, who was caught cheating on his wife with a local TV reporter, has been caught in other lies during his forgettable tenure as mayor. He claimed at the beginning of his term that his administration would fill a million potholes and plant a million trees. A local radio station, KFI-AM, investigated the claims and found both to be completely bogus.

LA Weekly recently published a thorough piece on the mayor’s daily activities during his first four years and found that he spent 11% of his day attending to city matters, and the rest, “flying in and out of town, holding staged press conferences, attending banquets, ceremonies and parties, raising political money and providing face time to high-powered special interest groups in a position to help his political advancement.

And of course, I brought you the wonderful story of Villaraigosa skipping out on overseeing the fighting of wildfires in L.A. County, which razed dozens of homes, to grandstand at a Dodger playoff game.

Antonio Villaraigosa's Burning Dillema: Dodgers game or LA wildfires

On Villaraigosa’s watch, the quality of life in Los Angeles is plummeting, causing tens of thousands of Angelenos to flee the city (and state, thanks Ah-nuld!). But I’m happy to report that those American citizens are being duly replaced - by tens of thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico, thanks to Villaraigosa’s sanctuary city policy. (In other words, police can’t arrest illegals for being illegal. Of course!)

With all that abject incompetence on his record, who’s to say Brown’s reporting wasn’t right? I could easily see Villaraigosa lobbying someone with advanced dementia. The man has no shame. And in the mayor’s defense, it would probably take someone with dementia to agree to move a NFL team to L.A.

But for the record, I think it’s safe to assume Villaraigosa was talking to Dean Spanos, Alex’s son, who has run the team for some time now.

Sorry Willie. (Both mayor’s got it wrong.)

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