LA Galaxy Will Not Let David Beckham Play in English Premier League

• THE LONDON SUN has a message from the L.A. Galaxy to the English Premier League:

No, you can’t have David Beckham back:

David Beckham

Not yours.

• BIG TEN TAILGATE is offering a $50 reward for photogenic proof of the Love-Bushey-Kuntz connection in tonight’s Ball State game.• AZ SPORTS HUB grabs a hanky or two, as Grant Hill will be appearing on “Oprah” Wednesday.

• WE ARE THE POSTMEN finds classic video of Jose Canseco warning kids of the dangers of steroids.

• How ’bout them Cowboys getting petty? Not satisfied with Sunday’s win, GAME ON! reports that Dallas wants a sack recorded by the Giants’ Osi Umenyiora taken away:

Osi Umenyiora NY Giants

• SPORTS HUB LA compares UCLA coach Karl Dorrell to Sean Penn, as both are Dead Men Walking.• The BOSTON HERALD knows Curt Schilling’s horse finally comes in, as the pitcher’s steed wins a race by 6 lengths.