LA Galaxy Coach To Get Fired Thanks To Beckham Injury Disaster

LA GALAXY COACH BLOWN OUT THANKS TO ANKLE BITERS: We’d like to personally thank our favorite local riddle wrapped in an enigma: L.A. Galaxy Owner Phil Anschutz.

David Beckham

Thanks to the founder of the forever-foundering phone company QWest, we’ve been ankle-deep in David Beckham this summer, as he leads the Galaxy to a 3-10-5 record (zero road wins) in American semi-professional soccer play.

David Beckham Fans Sign

After Anschutz’s troops were thrashed (again) by the Colorado Rapids last night 3-1 (sans an oft-injured Becks), the LONDON TIMES reported that Galaxy coach Frank Yallop will soon be replaced by former German National Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who for some reason already chooses to make Orange County his home.

We’d like to think that’s a legit piece of reportage, but in the same piece the UK outlet also reports “AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group), the Galaxy owner, has invested $250 million (about £125 million) in the Beckham project and expected more in return“.

David Beckham Victoria Beckham

Beckham is getting paid $5M per year for five years by the Galaxy. Period. That’s $225M short of the Times estimate. Anything more made by the shaved-legs-one will come as a result of the hard work of Creative Artists Agency - in the form of endorsements.

Posh Spice Dolls

Oh yeah, and the revenue generated from the stellar TV career of wife Victoria - so long as she can stay clear of spray-on tanning fumes.