L. League Official Arrested On Sex Charges Again

It’s a really sad world we live in that any grown adult who enjoys hanging around young’uns playing sports has the stereotype of being some kind of pervert. Most of them are perfect gentlemen who just love teaching kids the great sport of baseball. Others get arrested for soliciting sex with a 14-year-old.

Little League sex sting

NEWSDAY reports that 37-year-old Gary Ryan — the chick from “Deep Space Nine?” — was arrested once he sent “incident materials” electronically to what he thought was a young kid, but was in fact a police officer with intentionally bad grammar. (lolwut?)

Worse still, this was Ryan’s second arrest in the last two months, getting caught with child pornography on his computer on February 5. And to think he was going to be Rick Korch’s replacement.

Ryan was — let’s hope that’s past tense — “responsible for conducting criminal background checks on volunteers and ensuring the safety of boys and girls 7-12 years old.” The Mechanicville, N.Y. native was still listed as the city’s youth baseball vice president on a Google cache dated March 5, a full month after the first arrest. Those HTML pages are a bitch to update.

Cue the “but he seemed so nice” moral support!

“The league president said he never heard complaints against Ryan, who was recently named ‘Hometown Sports Hero’ by a local newspaper. ‘Knowing Gary like I do,’ Simmons told the TV station, ‘I never in a million years would have thought that something like this could happen with this gentleman.’

Just once I want to hear, “Yep, that’s him all right.”