Kyle Busch Wrecks Totally Sweet NASCAR Trophy

We’re suckers for championship trophy mishaps. If it’s not random sordid incidents (literally) staining the Stanley Cup, it’s a trophy presentation sending a mayor to the hospital. And if it’s not the trophy falling apart accidentally, it’s a very violent, very intentional destruction.

Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch won the Nationwide Series Federated Auto Parts 300 last, and was presented with the traditional guitar given to winners in Nashville. Clearly a big fan of Pete Townshend, Busch smashed the hell out of his trophy in the winner’s circle. Metal.

Video after the jump.

You just know NASCAR isn’t thrilled with this.

Busch received his Sam Bass custom-made Les Paul guitar, and it took him about 10 seconds to decide to live out every man’s dream of repeatedly slamming his axe on concrete until it splinters into a million pieces of awesome.

“Pete Townsend?” Busch wondered. “I think Ozzy’s done it, too. I think Kiss has even done it. Everybody’s done it, except race car drivers. All them sorry saps, they take it home in one piece and put it on their shelf, man. I break that thing up and spread it within the team so everybody’s got a piece.”

As you can see, Busch had a little trouble properly destroying his guitar, but cut him a break, he’s a novice at this. But he’ll get better, as NASCAR drives have already mastered the twin rock and roll pastimes of drugs and groupies.