Kyle Boller Bags Sex-Taped Beauty Queen Prejean

I live for non-sequiturs so I’m delighted to reported that former Miss California Carrie Prejean is now dating Rams backup QB Kyle Boller. reports the two met last summer and that Prejean recently dedicated her new book to Boller:

Kyle Boller Dating Carrie Prejean

(Delightful coupling actually first reported last August)

“To my Kyle: I am so blessed to have you in my life. You have shown me what love is. Thank you for supporting me through all this drama. I knew when we met there was something so special about you.”

Prejean’s mongrel celebrity is purely a concoction of the gossips, having kicked off when she was ambushed by blogger Perez Hilton at the Miss America pageant. When her faux fame began a slow wane, suddenly sex tapes and lurid photos of her “surfaced.”

Radar is the latest outlet to feature “exclusive” details of Prejean’s sex vids and pics, which, in a stunning coincidence, feature her without a man. And now, Radar has the “exclusive” news of her new boyfriend.

All coincidence I’m sure.

Ask yourself, if a media outlet was “exclusively” trolling through nude pics and vids that showed you masturbating, would you give that same outlet the “exclusive” news of your newest boyfriend?

Boller-Prejean really is a perfect match. Has there ever been two people more famous for doing absolutely nothing?