Kurt Rambis Hired As New Timberwolves Coach

Kids these days. The newer generations of NBA fans probably only know Kevin McHale, if they know him at all, as either the general manager/coach who spent the past few years running the Minnesota Timberwolves into the ground before being shown the door in June. Older fans, however, probably remember McHale best as the Celtics forward who clotheslined the bespectacled, bemulleted Lakers forward Kurt Rambis in the 1984 NBA Finals.

Kevin McHale Kurt Rambis

Now, 25 years later, REVENGE! Rambis has been hired away from the Lakers to replaceĀ  the deposed McHale as the head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Sadly, it appears that the 80s mullet and black specs were casualties of his quest for revenge and were left somewhere on the Boston Garden floor.

You say the clothesline had nothing to do with this news? Well, you’re probably right. But hey - what are the chances that both of these two awkward-looking stiffs would end up coaching the same team? Besides, any excuse we have to run the above picture of the dirtiest white-boy fight in history…you better believe we’re running it. ESPN.COM has more non-clothesline-related information:

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Kurt Rambis have reached terms on a deal that will install Rambis as the Wolves’ new head coach, according to NBA coaching sources.

Long considered a potential heir apparent to Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson, Rambis was lured away from Jackson’s staff by a four-year deal believed to be worth in excess of $8 million.

Wolves owner Glen Taylor confirmed ESPN.com’s report in an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.

We’re not the first to say it and we sure as hell won’t be the last, but consider this just one more plea to Rambis to bring back the black glasses. Now more than ever, the world needs thick glasses and wispy moustaches, and Kurt Rambis is just the man to give them to us.