“Kraft Family Israel Football League.” How Catchy!

Hold on tight, everyone. That wacky and wild Kraft family, previously seen in such dynasties as “The New England Patriots”, have decided to take their hilarious exploits across the ocean and back to the Motherland. That’s right, folks. The Kraft family is heading to Israel! Who knows what mischief awaits?

Kraft Family

The Kraft family, seemingly not satisfied with building one of the great NFL franchises of all time, have signed a deal with the Israel Football League, a “tackle league” based in Jerusalem that’s currently in its second season. That’s one more than Vince McMahon’s foolish XFL! The deal will make the family the sponsors of the league, meaning the name will be changed to the Kraft Family IFL, which is kind of awkward.

But why would Kraft want to invest his various monies in a place that’s seemingly always a few minutes from being annihilated by nuke-happy terrorists?

From AP:

Kraft viewed an IFL game during a visit to Jerusalem in March and decided to sponsor the league.

“I get a special feeling in my heart every time I hear Hatikva (Israel’s national anthem) sung on a football field, and hope to help this sport grow in this country,” Kraft said during his visit.

No doubt the “special feeling” he’s referring to is the general contentment he feels in his heart while traveling to this special country in the Middle East and not, you know, the massive amount of money he expects to get back from his investment. Let’s just hope that, for his sake, he has a nice insurance package ready in the case that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets his wish.