Kosuke Matsuura Drops F Bomb TWICE During Live ESPN And Radio Coverage Of St Petersburg Grand Prix

IRL DRIVER DROPS LIVE F-BOMB TWICE ON BROADCASTS: Here’s an interview with IRL Driver Kosuke Matsuura which features him dropping an F-bomb live during ESPN’s race coverage of the St. Petersburg Grand Prix.

Kosuke Matsuura F Bomb IRL St. Petersburg IRL driver

Matsuura was reacting to fellow driver Jeff Simmons striking his car for the second straight week on the circuit and told the ESPN-TV interviewer, “I’m just so f—king disappointed.

The best part is, when interviewed on live radio later in the day, he did it again, saying, “When I get into turn 4, that f—king Simmons hit me again, and last week he spun in front of me which [was] not my fault. Two weeks in a row, it was something he (did).

Matsuura later apologized and was fined by the racing circuit. Some track observers said his misunderstanding of the English language was to blame, but from what I heard from Matsuura, who is Japanese, he sounds a lot clearer than the folks running the El Pollo Loco drive-thru down on Century Blvd.