Kornheiser’s MNF Role Kaput, Here Comes Chucky

Tony Kornheiser has called it quits with his “Monday Night Football” gig. In his place will be ex-Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden.

Tony Kornheiser Jon Gruden

• And we’re sure Chucky will get along great with his new employer, since he’s had so many nice things to say about the Worldwide Leader before.

Hedo Turkoglu’s heroics help the Orlando Magic curse the Celtics to no title repeat this year.

Padraig Harrington is now taking golf tips from “Happy Gilmore“.

• In response to the Matthew Johns group sex scandal, some are calling for the banishment of cheerleaders from Australian pro rugby matches.

• The Colorado Avalanche are reportedly interested in having their former goalie superstar Patrick Roy take over as head coach.

• When anti-doping agents show up at a Belgian bodybuilding competition, the muscleheads grab their stuff & make a run for it.

• When Al Davis brought in Tom Cable as Lane Kiffin’s replacement, the Raiders owner had no idea who he was hiring - literally.

• What would a sports day be without yet another Brett Favre bulletin?

• The Denver Nuggets & the WWE are engaged in a Smackdown over who gets to use the Pepsi Center next Monday night.