Kornheiser “Thinks” He’ll Be Back On MNF In 2008

Neil Best of NEWSDAY has wonderful news for those of you who delight in Tony Kornheiser on “Monday Night Football”: He’ll probably be back for the 2008 season.

Tony Kornheiser sign

Kornheiser: ā€œI have no reason to believe Iā€™m not [returning] at the moment; I think I have a contract.ā€

Hmmm, isn’t that what Joe Theismann was thinking after last season, too? Sadly though, it does appear that Tony K. will return in his role as mindless irritant in the MNF booth. At least if you believe ESPN exec Norby (!) Williamson.

Williamson tells Best, “We are thrilled with our [’MNF’] broadcast team and expect Tony back next season.ā€

Besides PTI maniacs, do you know a single person who think Tony K. adds anything to the broadcast? His on-air commentary isn’t much different than what we got from Dennis Miller, but with worse facial hair. He delivers zero laugh-out-loud zingers during the telecast, and his hack football analysis is irrelevant.

Monday Night Football has gotten to the point where it’s just another game. It doesn’t have the cache it used to have, especially with the proliferation of cable and the decline in network viewership. There’s no reason to have distractions in the booth now, no one is watching the game other than for the football content.

The only reason ESPN keeps Kornheiser on MNF is to promote PTI. That’s it. If we had to pick between the two guys on that show, we’d jam Michael Wilbon in the booth before Kornheiser. He’s much funnier and instructive when it comes to football (and all sports). And he’s actually plugged into current culture (going to bed after 9pm does wonders).

With this news, we’re guessing ESPN has also stepped up it’s surveillance on Theismann to 24/7.