Kobe Comes Clean Over Snake-Soaring Slam Dunk

More Kobe Bryant news? Hey, we’re just giving the people what they want.

Anyway, we all fondly remember Bryant’s death-defying jump over a moving Aston Martin. And our good buddy John Ireland from KCAL-TV caught up with Kobe to get an explanation about his awesome aerial.

Kobe Bryant John Ireland

Now, Kobe Knievel has done it again - this time soaring over a pool full of snakes to make a super slam dunk. And Ireland once again finds a pot o’ gold, as he gets the latest story from the aspiring Lakers stuntman. But John didn’t get the same answers as before.

During Monday’s practice, Ireland quizzed Kobe about his latest adventure in leaping. And the conversation went a little something like this:

John: “A new Hyperdunk thing has hit the Internet where you jump over a pool of snakes.”

Kobe: “Yeah.”

John: “Is that real?

Kobe: “Absolutely.”

John: “You jumped over that pool and dunked?

Kobe: “I did jump over that pool.”

John: “So it’s not like the Aston Martin?

Kobe (pseudo-offended) : “I jumped over a car!

Another reporter: “Were there snakes in the pool?

Kobe: “100 … about 140 of ‘em.”

Yet another reporter: “And all poisonous, right?

Kobe: “Anacondas, red bellied snakes … uh, there weren’t no black mambas, they’re a little too big.”

(Video of the snake jump to refresh our readers’ memory)

Bryant went on to describe his day hanging out with the Jackass crew - calling it a “hell of a time“, fondly referring to the Jackassers as “classic idiots“, but adding that he “loved every minute of it.”

However, Ireland was persistent to get the scoop on the snake jump:

John:And the dunk was real. You actually jumped over the pool.”

Kobe:I did jump over the pool. I had a little assistance, maybe.”

John: With Hollywood?”

Kobe: From the Hyperdunks.”

And with that, the interview ended in a round of good-natured laughter.

Great job as always, John! For next time, try to get an explanation of the Ron Artest interview. Hollywood & Hyperdunks were obviously of no help.