Kobe Explains Miraculous Aerial Over Aston Martin

The newest viral sports video floating around (and the latest great example of Nike marketing) is Kobe Bryant appearing to jump over an Aston Martin racing right at him.

Kobe car jump

Well, the Lakers star-turned-stuntman comes clean and explains how he did it. John Ireland of KCAL-TV catches up with the Kobester for the scoop:

Ireland: “They ran your Nike commercial tonight. How’d they film that, man? How’d you jump over that car?

Kobe: “Hollywood, baby!

Ireland: “So, you’re not putting yourself in unnecessary danger, I hope.”

Kobe: “It’s Hollywood. What’chu expect out here?

(The two share a hearty laugh.)

Ireland: “That’s all your giving me?

Kobe: “Hey, if Rambo can take on a whole army - ‘Rambo Part 20′ can take on a whole army, I can jump over an Aston Martin.”

He’s got us there.

We kind of figured Bryant wouldn’t brave such a dangerous stunt for real. But looking at the crowd behind him during the interview clip with Ireland, we can pick out a couple of potential daredevils willing to try it, for YouTube glory - and intensive care treatment.