Kobe Bryant’s Networking Skills Need Brushing Up

ESPN.com’s J.A. Adande polled 15 different participants during All Star weekend in New Orleans about which guy in the league they’d most like to see get a championship ring.

Kobe Bryant Phil Jackson Championship rings

His polling subjects ranged from young stars like Brandon Roy to old vets like Tim Duncan. There were two players who dominated the responses: Boston big man Kevin Garnett and Phoenix guard Steve Nash.

There was, however, a certain self-nicknamed Lakers player who opted not to vote. Kobe Bryant refused to participate in the voting, saying, “If it ain’t us, I don’t care.

Thanks for playing, Kobe, and may your pinky get slammed in a car door.

I wonder if players were asked which guy they hoped would never win another championship, who would top that list? I’m guessing Mr. Bryant would be near the top.

Personally, being a Philly guy, I’d love to watch Allen Iverson lead any team to a to the promise land. It’s unfortunate it couldn’t happen in Philadelphia, but if there’s anybody who can rock some bling on his finger, it’s A.I.