Kobe Bryant Uses Website To Fend Of Anonymous Sourced Media Attacks

KOBE CITES BOGUS ANONYMOUS-SOURCED MEDIA ATTACK: Kobe Bryant is now using his own website liberally to respond to media reports about his behind-the-scenes dealings with the Lakers.

Kobe Bryant

Bryant submarines a salvo fired from a LOS ANGELES TIMES anonymous source today who claimed that he has oft-threatened to leave the Lakers merely to escape the wrath of Shaq.

Bryant debunks the notion on his official website today: “Laker fans should know that when I was a free agent Dr. Buss called me from his Vacation in Italy on the eve of my decision and promised me that the Lakers would do everything to build a contender NOW.

Kobe Bryant

I told him at that time that my fear was the Lakers waiting to save Cap Room to sign a top notch free agent in 3 or 4 years, so that was why I was leaning towards other teams like the Clips and Bulls, both of who had a cast of good young players.

But Dr. Buss promised me he would rebuild right away, and I believed him. That is why I put my trust in the Lakers.

This is the TRUTH.”

I don’t know what I respect more, that Bryant is actively engaging the dinosaur media establishment over bogus claims by agenda-driven anonymous sources (if this keeps up, what’s Sam Smith and Peter Vecsey to do?). Or that he’s been brushing up on his mad HTML skiLLZ.