Kobe Bryant Situation Unclear Like His Lakers Locker

KOBE’S SITUATION REMAINS MESSY, JUST LIKE HIS LOCKER: The good Doctor Jerry Buss said last week that he wasn’t afraid to discharge one of his most popular patients from the Lakers’ asylum.

Jerry Buss Kobe Bryant Phil Jackson

And what does Kobe think about this? INSIDE THE LAKERS gets the scoop on Bryant’s recent babblings ’bout the Buss brewhaha. The current Laker didn’t practice on Tuesday - not because of injuries, but by “mutual decision” between himself and coach Phil Jackson.

But he did field a few questions from a gaggle of curious media members. First, Kobe cleared up rumors of cleaning out his locker. But the rest of his status is still a mess.

When asked if he would be in a Laker uniform when the season started, Kobe replied, “You need to, you know, talk to (GM) Mitch (Kupchak) and Mr. Buss about that. I don’t know. I’m just getting ready.”

Kobe also regretted that the new trade talk was causing a “distraction”, and admitted that Jerry’s comments caught him off guard.

When further pressed for answers, No. 8 took the Fifth: “It’s my job to play basketball. It’s not my job to, you know, worry about what management is doing and this, that and the other.”

And with that, two of Kobe’s “associates” came by and dragged him away from the media throng.

Stay tuned for Round 3.