Kobe Bryant Says Hes Happy Being a Laker

KOBE NOW SAYS HE’S HAPPY STAYING WITH THE LAKERS: Kobe Bryant’s a happy guy these days - if you were to believe what he told ESPN:

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The Worldwide Leader writes that the Lakers superstar seems satisfied about staying at Staples Center. At least for now.”I’m happy to be here,” Bryant beamed after Wednesday’s practice. “When you get here in your element and you’re around your teammates and just having a good time with them and thinking about them and not about the business of the game, that’s when it becomes fun.”

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And the fun continued for the Lake Show Thursday night, when they brought down the curtain on San Antonio. It was the 4th win in a row for L.A., and the 2nd loss in a row for the Spurs - the first time such a streak happened this season.However, Kobe’s smile may be a nervous smirk. Even though the Spurs were without stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, the Lakers still needed an 18-5 4th quarter run to eek out a close 102-97 victory.

Although Kobe appears pleased to be playing in SoCal, thoughts of a trade may not be terminated yet. When asked about his earlier demands for a new location, Bryant replied, “I don’t get into that stuff.”

Just because he has no comment, it doesn’t mean he’s 100% sold on staying. So, there’s still hope for Bulls, Pistons, Kings, Mavericks, Suns and Knicks fans yet.

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Check that - there’s no hope for Knicks fans.