Kobe Will Only Jump Over Expensive Automobiles

Watching Royals outfielder Joey Gathright leap over pitchers and cars must have made quite an impression on young & impressionable Kobe Bryant, since the Lakers star felt the need to do one better.

Kobe Bryant Joey Gathright

But while Mitsubishi sedans may be good enough for Gathright, such autos are underneath Bryant. If Kobe’s going to get high (in the air, we mean), he’ll need a classier vehicle, like an Aston Martin - a moving Aston Martin.

So, was Kobe able to clear the car? Check out the video, if you dare:

Good thing Kobe was wearing those new Nike Hyperdunks(TM)! What a shoe!

But it’s kind of hard to believe Kobe would risk doing such a stunt - and so close to playoff time, even. It may well be another case of video trickery.

Then again, the Aston didn’t look like it was traveling that fast. And Ronny Turiaf was there, and we’d hate to think the Gonzaga grad would want to get mixed up with anything phony.

Real or not, it’s still an amusing clip. And luckily, Kobe didn’t forget to give the kiddies the “don’t try this at home” spiel. But that doesn’t mean some boob won’t go ahead and attempt the same stunt - and upload video of their stupid shenanigans online.

It’s been done before.