Kobe Bryant Gets Beatdown During Interview In Las Vegas

WELCOME TO INTERVIEWING 101, JOURNO SCHOOL KIDDOS: T.J. Simers of the LOSS ANGELES TIMES punctured Kobe Bryant’s verbal gasbag in a media gangbang over the weekend in Vegas.

Kobe Bryant

It’s rich reading, as Simers forces Bryant to admit that:
1) he is a “baby
2) he sent mixed messages to Lakers fans
3) he apologized to Andrew Bynum
4) ESPN’s Ric Bucher is his bitch
5) the Lakers front office might not be half-bad after all

Kobe Bryant

But because of Koke fatigue (and since Bucher accidently sheared off half his soul patch - and wasn’t available to ask a question), you didn’t hear about it outside of L.A. We’re guessing there will be more to the story this morning on KLAC-AM, where Simers hosts a morning show with NBC’s Fred Roggin (and T.J.’s daughter Tracy).

Vida Guerra

And we’ll appreciate if you’ll listen and email us the details, since we’ll be asleep (dreaming about this Vida Guerra getup) during the program.